We Ensure Space For Future Generations.

Join our international community of

industry leaders in the new space economy.

Keeping space accessible.

The risks of casualties in space increase with the increase in launches.

What is the Space Debris DAO?

Our members reduce the risks of space debris by commiting to sustainability standards.

Commitment to sustainable space standards is rewarded  with reduced risk coverage options.

The community is community-governed as decentral autonomous organization (DAO).

We Reward Sustainability

When satellite companies commit to space safety and sustainability standards,

we reduce both the risks and costs of space debris damages in Lower Earth Orbit.


Earth is currently located amidst 36,500 rapidly orbiting objects larger than 10cm and 1 million objects between 1-10cm moving at an average speed of 7-10km/s.

How to participate:

Satellite Operators

Are you operating Satellites in Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) and interested in keeping space accessible?

Insurance Companies

Are you insuring Satellites in LEO or GEO and want to partner with us for space debris damages?

Aerospace Engineers

Are you an Aerospace engineer who wants to contribute expertise to make space missions more sustainable?

Policy Advisor

Are you passionate about our planet with expertise in sustainability, law or sustainable policies?