Bridging Gaps of Trust in Space Governance


Throughout history, humanity has faced challenges arising from a lack of collaboration, trust and transparency. These issues have hindered progress, and endanger the well-being of future generations. As we venture further into space, it becomes increasingly crucial to establish systems that bridge gaps of trust with transparency.


Aknowledging, the need for international collaboration to address the issue of space debris mitigation, the Space Debris DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) will use smart contracts and decentralized networks to enable cooperation of stakeholders of space sustainability. 

How it works

Smart contracts, are self-executing digital agreements embedded in blockchain technology, and serve as the foundation of trust and transparency in the Space Debris DAO. These contracts immutably record and govern transactions, ensuring that all parties involved have access to real-time, tamper-proof data. 

Establishing Trust in Space

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology, where decision-making power is distributed across a global network of nodes, can be a game-changer for space governance. 

By eliminating the need for centralized authority, the Space Debris DAO empowers stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and locations to participate in the decision-making process.