We sustain space for future generations.

We want to sustain human presence on earth and beyond - enabling the possibility to develop for future Generations. 

We value healthy ecosystems to sustain life on earth and beyond, aknowledging the responsibility of human activities.

The business value of Clean Space

Long-term Viability

Maintaining a clean space environment is essential for the long-term viability of the entire space industry. As the number of satellites in our orbits increases, the risk of collisions and debris growth becomes more pronounced. 

Enhance Reliability

A clean and debris-free environment contributes to the overall reliability of satellite operations. By minimizing the risk of collisions, clean space standards can ensure the continued functioning of satellites.

Sustain Growth

Adopting clean space standards now can prevent future problems. It will take time for space businesses to develop and thrive, so we must ensure that space remains accessible for future missions.